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Perio Disease Treatment Alternative: PerioProtect

This article focuses on one of the two popular alternatives to traditional diseased gum therapies, namely the use of Perio Protect, a protocol that involves the use of specialized trays containing antibiotic agents that bathe the periodontal tissues and tooth structures on an entire arch. The PerioLase treatment description can be reviewed here.

As everyone knows or should know, periodontal disease cumulatively becomes extremely destructive. Periodontitis can cause the loss of teeth and bone structure that is critical for being able to replace teeth lost to disease.

Avoiding Deep Scaling Treatment

As with many treatments in dentistry, patients fear the treatment more than they fear their failing dental health. The traditional methods of manually removing tartar and diseased tissue can now be avoided entirely for some patients.

Due to the increasing popularity of non-invasive, minimally invasive and/or non-surgical interventions that are becoming available for treating gum disease, many dentists have elected to provide the additional choice of being treated with this newly FDA approved, non-invasive therapy for effectively treating various degrees of gum disease.

Non Surgical Treatment Protocol - FDA Approved Perio Protect ®

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Different forms of Periodontal disease are known to have up to a 75% incidence rate in adults. Many adults unknowingly have the beginning stages of these diseases.

Periodontitis, because of its complexity and historical reliance upon invasive therapies, becomes a least favored treatment need for most of us.

Avoidance behavior for attending to severe gum disease (periodontitis) although quite normal can be devastating for some patients, depending upon how long and how pervasive the symptoms have been.

The cumulative destruction can accelerate rapidly. Untimely delays in starting treatments can render even the most effective treatments as futile. Loss of teeth is inevitable.

No Surgery Gum Infection Control

PerioProtect has become the best treatment choice for many patients seeking intelligent gum disease treatment but without the anxiety and fear associated with traditional invasive treatments. Click here to learn more about this innovative product.

The following list represents some of the common concerns people have regarding a perio exam or treatment:
  • Embarrassed about gums already beginning to bleed
  • Embarrassment because you hate to floss (very common)
  • Fearful that cleanings will be painful
  • Unusually foul or bad breath (halitosis)
  • Sensitive - sore teeth
  • Fear of surgery
  • Fear of loss of teeth
  • Expensive treatments
  • Long appointments
The advanced stages of gum disease can now be treated with Perio Protect ® a revolutionary product that enables our Troy area patients to receive treatments that are completely non-invasive and assures:
  • No Pain
  • No Shots
  • Stop the Bleeding
  • No Expensive Surgery
  • No Painful Scraping
  • No Lengthy Appointments
  • Administer at home
  • Reduce - Get Rid of Bad Breath
  • Teeth May Become Whiter
The Perio Protect system, which is very easy to use, has been proven (over 16 years of research and clinical trials) to kill harmful bacteria within 72 hours.

Inflammation and swelling become more controlled which eventually leads to the elimination of bleeding gums. Foul breath, for many patients, is eliminated.

Non Surgical Gum Disease

How it Works

Patients are fitted with custom made mouth-pieces (trays), similar to bleaching trays. They’re very thin, soft, and comfortable.

A special gel is placed inside of the custom-made trays. This gel seeps above and below the gumline eliminating all calculus (tartar) and bacteria.

You will be instructed by your dentist on the frequency of wear, based on your diagnosis. The entire treatment is done in the comfort of your own home. This unique treatment also whitens your teeth and freshens your breath, while reducing cavities and gum disease.

At each subsequent dental visit, the dentist or hygienist will gently remove any remaining softened deposits and evaluate the progress of your healing. Your dental visits will be quick, easy, and painless.

Perio Protect has become a proven treatment that eliminates most gingival and connective tissue disease problems without traditional perio surgery

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