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Ara Nazarian, D.D.S.

Dr. Nazarian's Reconstructive Dentistry practice is a practice that is focused on, but not limited to, adult cosmetic and functional dentistry.

His "from the bottom up" perspective on just about everything in cosmetic dental procedures has created a characteristic that few dentists have. Whatever cosmetic outcome is desired by a patient, Dr. Nazarian focuses first on structural properties or elements that have an influence on the goal.

This approach prevents the possibility of a getting an cosmetic treatment that is not needed... or more often limits the likelihood of a cosmetic treatment failing in the future because of some other functional issue.

In the area of orthodontic teeth straightening, Dr. Nazarian developed a proprietary method of using a combination of hybrid ortho products (wires, brackets, pads, etc) to create the cosmetic results wanted by adults..... but without the usual 12 to 18 months of treatment.

Implant dentistry and tooth replacement procedures are another area of unusual interest for Dr. Nazarian. Patients undergoing tooth extractions that typically might require a Flipper are not fitted with a customary flipper product.

Rather, as a means for protecting bone and soft tissues while tissue regeneration is underway, Dr. Nazarian developed a proprietary flipper device that looks like an Invisalign Aligner but is fitted with tooth substitutes, thereby eliminating the toothless look. This device protects the tissue areas and distributes physical forces efficiently, preventing damage that can be caused by an ordinary flipper (patients are usually informed flippers are not made for eating).

Dr. Nazarian's personal protocol for assessing dental needs and creating treatment plans that seem to make above average sense (if that makes any sense) has been noticed by many manufacturers of dental equipment and products. He has become a popular lecturer, trainer and evaluator of new products being released into the dental community.

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Troy Practice
Reconstructive Implant Dentistry

Ara Nazarian, D.D.S.
1857 East Big Beaver Road
Troy MI 48083
Oakland County
(248) 457-0500


Reconstructive Procedures
- Adult 6 Month Rapid Orthodontics
- Dental Implants
- Mini Implant Denture Anchors
- Immediate Dentures
- Sinus Lift Surgery
- Bone and Tissue Grafting
- Reconstuctive Crowns
- Immediate Load Implants
- Minimal Prep Nano Veneers
- Porcelain Veneers
- Bite Occlusal Rehabilitation
- Gum Contouring Smile Reshaping
- Cosmetic Dentures

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